Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!  It was a long one for me here due to President's Day, and I am lucky to say that the hubs and I enjoyed every minute! What did you do last weekend?!

Saturday AM:  Sweetheart Spin at Healthworks with my hubby!  I'll give the full recap on the blog tomorrow!  We followed this with haircuts by the awesome Debbie at Zani Salon in Melrose (sorry no pics of those!)

Saturday PM:  Our friend Dustin's surprise 30th birthday party out at the Luxury Box in Leominster.  How come Boston doesn't have a hockey bar?!?!  We need one!

Sunday AM:  Brunch at Trident with friends visiting from Vermont, followed by really big Starbucks coffees for the snowy, windy walk home on Newbury!

Sunday PM:  North End adventure with two of our best friends, Jon and Jamie!  We had dinner at Antico Forno, got take-home sweets from Bova's, and sat down for coffee and desserts at Cafe Paradisio.  I got the Afocato with coffee gelato and Bailey's Irish Cream.

Monday AM:  To-do-list-writing with greek yogurt for breakfast.  Nothing beats a productive day!

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