Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week of Health - 5 Free Days at Healthworks!

One of my sayings with my coworkers is "Week of health!"  We say this to inspire eachother to make healthy food choices during the week (read:  no more trips to the candy bowl) and also as a reminder to sign up for our favorite classes at the gym together.  Healthworks is a huge part of my weekly routine, and the routine of the girls I work with, and I am excited to invite my readers to join us this week for a free week of health!

During the month of February, Healthworks is offering a 5-day guest pass to anyone who wants to check out the club and enjoy some workouts.  In addition to the regular schedule at the gym, Healthworks will be offering "food, music, specialty Group Fitness Classes, Complimentary Small Group Training for you and a friend, shopping, pampering and so much more!"  Read more about the open house here.

If you want to join me in some serious calorie burns this week, or just check out one of the clubs on your own, print out this voucher and let them know that BostonSweetieBlog sent you.  If you use the voucher this week (Feb. 11 - 15) and end up joining the gym, you will get a $0 enrollment fee which is a great benefit, but you are welcome to use the voucher for any 5-day period in February.

I've raved about my favorite spin class on the blog before- Elise's Monday night or Saturday morning classes are definitely worth checking out and should be #1 on your list.  I also love/hate Tabata with Sean on Wednesday nights (love because it's an insanely good workout, hate because it's really, really hard), and HW Barre with Helene on Thursday nights.  If you've never tried a barre class, I'd highly recommend it.  It's a low-impact strength class that will show you some muscles you never even knew you had.

Healthworks is the best gym I've belonged to.  It's all women, super clean and spa-like, and just really, really nice.  If you are looking for a gym or have been curious about Healthworks, you should check it out this week.  It's free for 5 days, so why not, right?!  If you want to meet up at any classes, leave me a comment in the notes below and we'll make a plan!

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