Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sweetheart Spin!

So, Elise at Healthworks is the best.  She has the most energy, plays the best music, gives the best workout, we love Elise

Elise decided to share the love during Healthwork's open house week (which coincided with Valentine's Week) by hosting a Sweetheart Spin on Saturday morning.  Sweetheart Spin meant that members could bring a guest- including men- to join in on the fun!  My poor husband has to listen to me rave about spin class every time I get home, so I was pumped to have an opportunity to share my favorite workout with him.

Jake pumped up, waiting for Spin to start
In typical fashion of classes by Elise, this one booked up almost instantaneously.  I checked the website multiple times a day hoping to get my name on the list, but no luck..

No luck until Saturday morning was snowy and window and generally gross out!  Jake and I bundled up, made the trek down to the gym and were happy to learn that a number of people wimped out, letting us get into the class!

"Before" shot - bikes set up and ready to go!
We got my favorite bikes in the back of the room near the windows and sweated for 45 minutes to Elise's playlist of love-themed songs.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  The highlight for me was hearing Jake say "yessssss" when he liked the song that came on, and watching him rock out for tap backs and jumps.  Elise had us matching up our pace with our partner at one point, which had Jake and I so pumped that we high-fived.  It was goofy and fun and a perfect way to start our day, and now Jake finally understands and appreciates why I come home from the gym looking like a drowned rat on Monday nights.  Have I mentioned how much I love Ride at Healthworks?!?!

"After" - sweaty and strong -rocked Sweetheart Spin together!

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