Monday, December 3, 2012

Mocha Chip Meringue Cookies

25 Days of Cookies, Day 2.

After a very long day at work, and with the thought of the very busy week ahead I knew tonight's cookies had to be easy.  And delicious.  Because a long day calls for a delicious cookie...or five.  Yup...five.

I googled "easiest cookies ever" and found my favorite, Martha Stewart.  Of course the queen of domesticity has a list of the easiest cookie recipes on her website (great list, btw!).  I decided to go with mocha-chip meringues because I had all of the ingredients, I love mocha flavor, and I've never made meringue cookies before.

The quality of cookie you get for the amount of work you need to put in is in-SANE.  Right out of the oven, these are like mini molten cookies- super delicate crispy shell and warm, gooey, chocolately inside.  I cannot wait to see what they taste like tomorrow when they've cooled.

I know I have a lot more cookies to go this month, but these are a must try.  Really.

I followed Martha's recipe almost exactly, you can find it here.  I didn't have espresso powder, so I used a teaspoon and a half of coffee out of a K-cup I had on hand.

Are you a meringue fan?  Tell me your favorite meringue cookie in the comments below.  I've seen coconut, mint chocolate, and this mocha version.  Now I know the mocha is so good, I think I can't wait to try more flavors.

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