Sunday, January 22, 2012


So sweets, I am thinking of tweaking my blog a bit.  In an effort to be more healthy, I'm probably going to be baking significantly less this year.  I eat everything I bake, and while it tastes great, it's not good-for-you food.

Instead, I'm hoping to cook more healthy meals, work out more regularly, get back into crafting, and explore some new hobbies.

So here's the question- would people still read this blog if I expanded the focus and made it more of a "lifestyle" blog instead of strictly sweets?

For example, what if I posted about trips, dinners, restaurants, Bruins games, my two cats, or shopping finds, like an awesome workout top I found at the mall today for $10?

Oh, wait! ;)

This stretchy, comfy, sweat-wicking athletic top was on sale at Old Navy today for $10, marked down from $19.50.   I don't know about you all but I feel much more excited to go to the gym when I like my work-out clothes so I am quite pleased with this purchase.  I can't find this color online, but the same style can be purchased here for $17.50.  I'm not sure how long the in-store sale is going on.

Let me know what you think.  Lifestyle blog with lots of regular posts, or sweets only, with less frequent updates?


  1. I say go with "Lifestyle" blog. And please keep frequent updates. This is a blog I check out almost daily. Can't wait to try out the Healthy Pumpkin Bread receipe and go to Old Navy for gym clothes.

  2. Agreed! Would love more lifestyle!