Friday, January 27, 2012

Dessert on a diet

Have you ever tried to slim down only to have desserts like the ones I feature on this blog all the time tempt you into massive calorie binges?  Well do not worry, today I have a dessert to share that will not pop the belt.    

I introduce to you my favorite "diet dessert."  When I am feeling motivated and healthy, a nice cup of coffee flavored non-fat yogurt with a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips does it for me.  Sure, maybe it's not as awesome as a sundae or a slice of cake, but it tastes pretty good, actually has some nutritional value, keeps the calories low, and the chocolate chips totally make it feel like dessert.

Eat and don't weep, sweets!  Happy weekend!!!!

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  1. One needs to be fit and healthy. Consuming high calories dessert is not good for the health. It's good to be get known about the "diet dessert".