Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sunday Funday at Coppa - South End

It's a rare weekend that the hubs and I have no plans on the books and then actually feel like going out anyway.  Last Sunday that's exactly what happened, so we decided to go on a little Sunday Funday adventure.  It turned out to be a different type of fun than we were going for, but I'll share that story in a minute.  First, the good food stuff.

Coppa is on Shawmut Ave in the South End and has Italian 'tapas.'  Some of our friends had gone and raved, so we thought it would be a fun spot for an early dinner.  We arrived around 4PM, and ended up getting drinks and splitting a flatbread.  Jake had a "Man-Tini" which came deconstructed, so he got to pour his preferred parts of champagne and orange juice into a manly mug.

I just had a glass of my favorite wine, Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc.  We split the Parma Pizza; tomato, mozzarella, arugula and Proscuitto di Parma.  It was delicious, and I loved that there was so much arugula on top.  You can never have too much of that!  It was pretty small, but a great size for sharing a snack.

We enjoyed our snack and wrapped things up in about an hour.  Not bad!  Now, the funny/ironic/not-funny-at-the-time story of our Sunday Funday adventure...

4PM - arrive at Coppa and find it shockingly packed.  Host tells us we made it for the end of brunch, and walks us to two seats at a tiny bar near the restrooms and kitchen.  She tells us we had great window seats, but really I got a window seat and Jake's face was about 10" away from a brick wall.  Kind of funny and we laughed it off.

4:05PM - we consider leaving because we were in the mood for dinner, but decide to at least have a snack and a drink to figure out our next steps.

5:00PM - we pay and head out, pleased with the food and ready for a walk over to the North End.

5:45PM - Arrive at Bricco, one of our North End favorites.  Shockingly NOT packed at prime dinner time on a Sunday.  Host has about 10 empty tables to seat us at, chooses one that is NO JOKE 2" away from another table that has six older folks sitting at it, having a nice family dinner. It was as if we were late joining the family party.  

5:50PM - Now I'm aggravated b/c all I want is a nice dinner and this is two bad seats in a row.  Frustrated that despite the lack of people filling the restaurant, the host found it appropriate to sit us at a family party, I tell Jake that I want to leave.

5:51PM - Our waiter sees us getting up, and says "If this menu isn't what you were looking for, we have a great pizza shop across the street." 

5:52PM - Now smoke is blowing out of my ears and daggers are shooting out of my eyes and I respond "We love this menu.  We don't love being sat with a family that is not ours when there are 10 other empty tables the host could have picked."  Waiter:  "You can sit at a different table...." Me: "Nope, we're leaving. Thanks."  (not my best moment but we were ready to spend some cash on a nice meal, what the heck!  And the insulting menu comment really ticked me off.)

6:00PM - We stroll into Bacco down the street figuring that you can't go wrong there.  We get a decent table, waiter comes up immediately for a drink and app order, woohoo!

6:10PM - Our bruschetta arrives, delicious, we're happy.

6:30PM - Bruschetta is long gone.  Waiter is too.

6:45PM - We wave down the waiter, frustrated yet again, and ask for our check.  He happily gives it to us.  No, you're not missing anything, we were never offered dinner.  Grrrrrreat. 

7:00PM - We stroll into Bova's.  Bova's saves the day with Jake's favorite cinnamon stick, my favorite chocolate covered cannoli, and both of our favorites, a mini lobster tail.  Sweets cure all.

7:10PM - Walking toward home down Salem Street, Lulu's is open.  (I. LOVE. Lulus. So much so that we named our cat after it. Anyway.)  Pop in and get a carrot cake cupcake for me, peanut butter for Jake.  Pure bliss has returned.

So that, my sweets, is the recap of our Sunday Funday.  Not fun the whole time, but a good story at least.  Have you ever had any similar days!?

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