Thursday, April 11, 2013

Paint Nite at Clery's

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a Paint Nite event at Clery's with two of my coworkers, and I thought I'd share some snaps of my process with you.

Lindsay, Stephanie and I with our finished works of art
If you haven't been to a Paint Nite, it's a pretty cool evening out with friends.  You arrive at the bar (they have locations all over the city, and in the 'burbs, too), pick a seat in front of a blank canvas, and the artist of the night walks you through a series of steps to create a specific painting. You can follow exactly, or put your own spin on it.  This time, I put my own spin on it.  Here's how our painting went:

PS - Paint Nite did not ask me to blog about this, I just wanted to share my progression photos. 

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