Saturday, April 13, 2013

L.A. Burdick Chocolate - Back Bay

Today I am so excited to share one of my recent finds in Back Bay - the L.A. Burdick Chocolate shop on Clarendon Street!  I've walked by this place a million times and always thought it was a weird little tourist stop or something (no reason to think that, it was just in my head)...I was completely wrong, this place is exceptional.  If you're local, you may recognize the unique facade that differentiates this little shop from pretty much everything else in the neighborhood.

Famous for premium confections and bonbons, one of the signature items at L.A. Burdick are their little chocolate mice; they don't use molds to make these!  I will definitely be back to purchase a box of mice as my next hostess gift, they are just too cute.

The shop isn't too big, which keeps the inside cozy and cafe-like.  There are aisles of chocolate goods to buy, as well as a small dining section with tables to sit and enjoy a coffee and a snack at.   I would definitely choose this spot for an afternoon of reading over Starbucks! 

We had just come from brunch at the Met on Newbury Street (which was also great, by the way!), so didn't have much room to taste lots of sweets, but we did get a little range of tastes by trying a Mocha, a Caramel Latte and three French Macarons in Raspberry, Coffee and Peach. 

The macarons were great, tasted just as we would have expected them to and I couldn't help but admire the perfect "feet" on all of them.  The caramel latte was phenomenal, I think because they use a house-made caramel that was so buttery and delicious.  The real winner, though, was the mocha.  Jake requested a milk chocolate mocha (you can choose milk, dark, or white chocolate), and we both were absolutely blown away.  It was like drinking pure liquid chocolate with a hint of espresso.  It was much closer to a hot chocolate than a typical mocha coffee drink, but we were certainly not disappointed.  This is the official description of the mocha:  Milk chocolate mixed with steamed milk and poured into a double shot of espresso, finished with a foam and grated spice ball. 

One of the best parts of the shop is the variety of chocolate goods you can purchase, in addition to the typical truffles you would expect.  They had everything from chocolate powder, chocolate bars and chips, to cocoa pods and chocolate cigars.  I was in awe and was very serious when I said I will be going here for my next hostess gift!

We were both very happy with our little stop in to L.A. Burdick, and will be back soon!

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