Saturday, June 18, 2011

D'Amici's...take two!

This week has been a long, AWESOME week.  The highlights were obviously the BRUINS WINNING THE STANLEY CUP  (I'm in recoup mode from the parade this morning) and me getting a new job!  To celebrate, hubs and I got sushi and decided to give D'Amici's in Melrose another try.  While the service hasn't changed, our desserts definitely got better grades this time around.

We got mini-versions of five different things and had a couple bites of each.  First up, mini mocha cake.

Mini Mocha Cake
Grade: A-
Comments: Awesome mocha frosting, good consistency but bland cake.

Almond Cream Cookie (can't remember the actual name of this one)
Grade: A+  this was our favorite!
Comments: Chewy almondy cookie, pastry cream filled chocolate dome--- awesome!  We inhaled this one.

Pecan Diamond
Grade: A
Comments:  Pretty much what we expected.  Good, but not extraordinary.

Mini Chocolate Torte
Grade: B-
Comments: Super soft cake that tasted okay, frosting tasted like it came out of a can from the grocery store- very unimpressed!  If they used real, high quality dark chocolate for this it would be amazing.

Coconut Mound
Grade:  A-
Comments:  Very dense, great coconut flavor, balanced sweetness with toasted coconut and chocolate topping.  Slightly dry, and would have been an A+ if there was just a little more chocolate.

Mini Ricotta Cake
Grade: C
Comments:  Our least favorite.  This was dry, bland, super light lemon flavor, and turned thick/pasty in our mouths when we were eating it.  Pretty gross actually and definitely do not recommend this one.

PS-- What do you think of the pictures on this post?  Hubby took them all- I think he's a great photographer and I might make him take them all for me from now on.  Thank you hubby!

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  1. I love how you graded all of the desserts. That's definitely something I would do. I'm such a tough critic when it comes to dessert! Congrats on the new job.

    We were up bright and early to go to the parade!