Monday, June 27, 2011

Bridal Shower Cake - Stephanie and Rich

This past weekend I had the honor of making another bridal shower cake! This one is for a close family friend, Stephanie, who is marrying her sweetie this year!  Stephanie's wedding colors are so chic; navy blue and bright orange.  I LOVE that combo!  I think pairing a neutral with a bright is classy, fun, unique annnnd just overall the best.

I had a great deal of creative license with this cake- the only requests were no fondant and marble cake.  Easy enough!  I baked up a 2-tier chocolate and vanilla swirl cake (10" and 6") and then had fun with the filling and frosting.


For the filling, I made a bittersweet chocolate ganache, using Ghiradelli bittersweet chocolate and heavy cream.  Who knew ganache was so easy?  Instead of leaving it a thick, fudgy ganache, I whipped it into more of a mousse consistency.  I could have eaten the whole bowl of just plain whipped ganache.  It was THAT good.


Whipped ganache as a filling!

For the frosting, I made up a medium batch of Maxine's Decorating icing, but flavored it with vanilla and heavy cream.  This was hands down the most delicious version of Maxine's Decorating icing that I've done.  It is SO worth using the heavy cream.

From the reviews I heard, the shower was a great success and everyone loved the cake!  Happy Wedding, Stephanie.  We love ya!


  1. That cake looks so pretty! I love the colors.

    (And p.s. We both loved the Bruins parade! Jeff had me up at 7 to head down there!)

  2. Another great cake made by Stacey

  3. Thanks Megan! I'm still hooked on your margarita cupcakes, neeeeed to try those this week! Also- I went to Flour in fort point today and told my friends how I read a great blog by a girl who used to work there, heh!

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