Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here's to the BRUINS!

My heart still hurts over the Bruins' loss to the Caps last night.  Hubs & I have just wrapped up our third year as season ticket holders, and it was really sad to leave the Garden last night knowing we won't be back until September or October!

After the game, about a third of the people in the stands booed our beloved B's and walked out.  The rest of us stayed behind, stood, clapped and cheered on the team that we followed closely for the past seven months.  It was emotional!

With the B's playing some seriously great hockey down on the ice this year, we've had another great run up in the balcony cheering them on.   Even though there's no cup for the Bruins this year, we have lots of fun memories to last us through the summer.  Here's a little recap of our nights with the B's.

Opening night with our Stanley Cup tickets!

Bruins Family - John & Mike

J on his birthday Zamboni ride!

Double date!

The Garden's #1 Employees- Bud Lite Mike & Bud Lite Mark!


Mum & Dad!

Score Bobby Orr!!!

Tom Tom and my sis!

Sassy sisters!

Mike's my favorite!

Timmy is the mayor of Section 304!

Lulu watches all the games from home!

My mother-in-law bought me these awesome Bruins feather earrings!

We love Mike & Mal!

Sad attempt at a family picture haha

Realizing that it's all over

Last picture of the year.  I apologize for my pouty smile, I was sad. 
Here's to the Black and Gold!!!!!

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