Monday, April 18, 2011

Max Brenner - Hubby Love

Love.  That's what I was filled with when my hubby came home from the Red Sox game yesterday with a special surprise for me- a handpicked box of truffles from the new Max Brenner shop in Boston.  I guess I mentioned/pointed it out/wistfully-dreamed-of-visiting-for-brunch-soon enough that he got the hint!  J picked out a variety of 9 truffles for me.  So far the peanut butter one was good, but too peanutty for me (disclaimer- I am one of the rare birds that just doesn't go for peanut butter) and the original chocolate cream truffle is VERY good but I inhaled the powdery outer coating too fast.  The one I'm most excited for has some sort of hazelnut-whiskey filling.  I also love that the packaging materials are just as fun as the chocolates themselves.  It's fun to flip through the tiny book and match the patterns on the pages to those on my truffles, and the orange gift bag looks cheery on our counter. Thank you honey!

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